Nieddittas gratin.

Nieddittas gratin.

Serves 4.

  • 800 g of Nieddittas

To open the Nieddittas:

  • 4 dessert spoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Half a clove of garlic
  • A sprig of parsley

For the filling:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Fresh herbs (thyme, marjoram, parsley, basil)
  • Half a clove of garlic
  • 6 dessert spoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Half a chilli pepper


Clean and debeard the Nieddittas, then open them in a large pan with olive oil, garlic and parsley.

Shell half of the mussels, place them on a baking tray and put to one side. Mix the breadcrumbs in a bowl with chopped herbs, mix well and set aside. Heat six dessert spoons of olive oil in a saucepan with garlic and chilli pepper.

Once heated (not fried), moisten the Nieddittas with half a teaspoon of this flavoured oil and cover with the breadcrumb mix.

Add a further drop of oil, a sprinkling of fresh pecorino sheep’s cheese and put to brown in a hot oven.

Some more information.

Baked, grilled or in a pot, mussels are among the most appreciated foods for their versatility and palatability. In addition to having few calories, these shellfish are a real cure for the health of the body: rich in proteins with high biological value and mineral salts, they are often recommended in  athletes' diet and introduced in low lipid diet.

Also excellent on their own in salt, mussels lend themselves to any type of recipe, from tomato soup to seafood salad to the more classic linguine. If it is true that they are perfect as a condiment for pasta, they are even better served as an appetizer in many recipes, among which one of the most appreciated is that of gratin mussels.

Nieddittas gratin is a dish that should preferably be freshly prepared to fully enjoy its freshness.

How to recognize fresh mussels: the label.

Certification and labeling are the first and most important element to verify the freshness of the product you intend to buy. The label has the obligation to report, among other things, the date of packaging and the origin of the product itself to allow the consumer to ascertain its quality and freshness.




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