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Healthy and safe

The mussels feed by filtering sea water and retaining the microorganisms found there. The climate, rain, current or other external agents can change the balance of the water and, for this reason, it is important that the work in the production chain is complemented by continuously monitoring the health of both the mussels and the waters of the Gulf. This is why Nieddittas mussels are subjected to continuous inspections during the whole process of growth at sea and until they are delivered to the fish vendors. All the parameters that guarantee the absolute safety of our mussels are measured, with repeated sampling and analysis both on product samples and on samples of the water in which they are immersed.


Just think: if you sum up all the inspections and repeated measurements, in one year, over 6,000 checks and analysis are performed within our production chain, entrusted to accredited third-party laboratories chosen from among the most qualified in the country, allowing us to always guarantee you a healthy and safe product. These analysis, commissioned by the company, are in addition to the checks and inspections that ASL and public institutions perform on our products.

6,000 inspections a year: it's as if every 2 hours, including on Sundays and public holidays, someone came to check a parameter of our waters or our products. That's a very large number of repeated inspections, but if your Nieddittas mussels are healthy and safe, it's thanks to the quantity and accuracy of these inspections. The analysis are published on our website for greater transparency: our GDO (large scale distributors) and fishmonger customers can check the quality of the Nieddittas they are choosing at any time.


Inspections and analysis are an important part of the work that Nieddittas does to always guarantee you the best product. We work to ensure maximum food safety along the entire production chain, from selecting mussels and putting them into the sea up to their distribution. The Quality processes and the certifications obtained by the company govern all our work: in fact, our company operates according to the IFS (International Food Standard) certification and ISO 22005:2007 certification (Food Safety Management System). The IFS certification standard has the objective of guaranteeing the quality of our production systems for large-scale distribution, ensuring that the products offered are safe and compliant with legal requirements according to a single evaluation system, valid internationally. The ISO 22005:2007 standard guarantees the customer a product that respects food safety and quality objectives as well as its traceability along the entire supply chain.

The quality of the product is such that Nieddittas mussels (under the designation of "live bivalve molluscs of the Gulf of Oristano") have been included in the national list of traditional agricultural and food products published with Ministerial Decree 14.06.02 in Official Gazette no. 167 of 18.07.02 and subsequent amendments and additions. In October 2013, Nieddittas certified mussel had obtained product certification for the entire chain. We are the first Italian company and only Sardinian business in the industry to have obtained this certification for the entire production process from finishing at sea to delivery, as a further guarantee of the product we offer.


We pay great attention to the quality and food safety of our products while we work, because we want the Nieddittas mussels to bring the unique and extraordinary flavour of our sea to your table. It's an unmistakable taste, with health and safety guaranteed by continuous analysis and inspections.


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