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Sea urchin pulp

Sea urchin pulp

Nieddittas sea urchin pulp is the pulp of sea urchins, the spiny sea animals that we often see in our seas. It lives also in shallow water, on rocks or seagrass beds of Posidonia, the seaweed it feeds on and whose shadow it uses. Once opened, sea urchins reveal five red or orange gonads, which removed with a spoon are their tasty pulp. It is a true delicacy, loved by gourmets for its unique taste and delicate sea flavour. It is an excellent food, used for creative starters or simply to season pasta.

Nieddittas offers its sea urchin pulp in glass jars, practical and ready to use: a simple, convenient way to taste one of the most peculiar flavours of our sea, without having to challenge its spines!

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