Gilthead sea bream

Gilthead sea bream

With their characteristic red-streaked golden colour, Nieddittas gilthead sea breams are a semi-wild product, farmed in the lagoon of Corru Mannu, in the Gulf of Oristano, where they get their clean and exceptional flavour from.

What makes their taste so special is the fact that they are mainly fed on broken and cracked shells, a by-product of the processing of our Nieddittas mussels: such a tasty food makes our sea breams’ meat even tastier. It is no coincidence that, all over Sardinia, Nieddittas gilthead sea breams are a synonym for quality and tastiness. Nieddittas gilthead sea breams are chosen by those who love the sea flavour to prepare tasty and healthy main courses. They can be cooked in many different ways. Typical recipes include baking them in a salt crust, in the oven, in the microwave, in a pan, boiled; however, their delicate meat is suitable for very creative and unusual recipes, according to the chef’s inspiration.

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