Nieddittas per la natura

8. Nieddittas mussels

Nieddittas mussel farms in the Gulf of Oristano are monitored daily by our fishermen to ensure that the mussels grow healthily and safely. The ropes are periodically inverted so that all the mussels receive the same amount of light. The general condition of the farm is checked to protect the mussels from predatory fish and keep any damage from storm surges in check.

Checks and analyses are carried out to monitor the health of the water and the mussels.
After being collected by our boats, the mussels are brought to our factory in Corru Mannu.
Nieddittas mussels are then immediately re-immersed in large isothermal tanks filled with sterilized sea water from the Gulf of Oristano for purification purposes.
The first manual selection then takes place, which eliminates any mussels that are unsuitable for sale. Selected mussels are packed in nets and labelled with all processing traceability information.
Only then they are packaged and prepared for shipment to the large scale distributors’ platforms.
The last step of the process is delivery to wholesalers and large-scale retail managers.

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