Local clams

Local clams

Our locally grooved carpet shell clams “Ruditapes decussatus” are harvested by hand, one by one, from the sand where they grow. As all our products, also the local clams guarantee the consumers utmost safety and full compliance with control methods and parameters set by law. This product is, in fact, always farmed, harvested and inspected according to our quality control procedures.

In the past, the difficulties related to their harvesting made local clams a poor product, not attractive from a commercial point of view. Today, local clams are famous and very much in demand all over Italy for their exceptional and delicate flavour. Although they are now a very rare product, they still are extremely appreciated by both the most refined gourmets and those who love simple and traditional cooking. As well as being delicious by themselves, in fact, they are also ideal  combined with many other ingredients, such as mushrooms, or to prepare excellent sauces for pasta. Their basic preparation is always the same: put the clams in a pan with some oil, cover the pan, and cook them for about 8/9 minutes over medium heat; then turn the stove off and let them cool down, take them out of the shells, filter the cooking liquid to complete the recipe. As an alternative, put the clams in the microwave in a container with a lid with very little oil and open them by cooking them on high for 4/5 minutes.

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