Amber coloured bottarga

Amber coloured bottarga

Nieddittas bottarga (grey mullet roe) is one of most typical Sardinian foods. Known and loved all over the world, bottarga is even compared to caviar by many gourmets, for its refined taste and exclusiveness. Bottarga is actually one of the most exceptional foods in seafood cuisine in general and in Sardinian cuisine in particular.

The product can be easily recognised for its characteristic amber colour, the strong smell and the unmistakable shape of the firm, hard “ovarian sacks”. It is the result of salting and drying grey mullet eggs and its origins go back to the dawn of time, as some say the Phoenicians were the first to produce it.In Sardinia, bottarga is a must for special dinner occasions.

It is traditionally used to season pasta, grated like cheese, or as an appetiser, cut into small slices and eaten alone, with a bit of oil, or served with artichokes or other typical products of the land.

Nieddittas bottarga is available as ovarian eggs and minced.

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