Nieddittas per la natura


The farm is located in a linear canal section of the Corru Mannu lagoon.

It is operated by the CPA under a fishing concession and is approximately 600 m long, 60 m wide and 1 m deep, with a natural sandy bottom. The gilthead sea bream are farmed with a semi-extensive, low-intensity system.

In the spring, the sea bream – which weigh just a few grams – are purchased from qualified hatcheries for rearing away from their natural predators such as birds and other fish.

The rearing (fattening) stage lasts around 14 months. In summer, the sea bream reach their commercial weight of around 300 g, in accordance with current regulations.

Fishing takes place over around 2-3 months and is carried out using traditional systems.

Packaging is assigned to a duly authorized processing center with a CE number (Logica).

Nieddittas’ sustainable approach is clearly demonstrated by the decision to reuse waste products and turn them into resources. The mussels farmed in Sardinia - which are deemed unsuitable for sale because they are broken or cracked - are fed to the sea bream by placing them in baskets which the sea bream enter to eat the flesh, leaving the shells clean. These can then be disposed of according to regulations, thus reducing the facility’s costs and increasing the lagoon’s production activities.

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