How to read the label

The label guarantees and describes the quality of Nieddittas mussels.

Nieddittas has always made food safety a focal point: we were the first in Italy, and we are still the only ones in Sardinia, with product certification for the entire production chain.

Monitoring the entire production chain is an important choice for us, which increases the quality and safety of the product we offer to the market. Those who choose to buy our mussels choose to buy a healthy and safe product, processed in the Nieddittas production chain in Sardinia where our mussels live and where they are harvested, inspected, purified, packed and transported directly to the mass retail logistics platforms or to direct customers. There are no other intermediaries: Nieddittas guarantees the quality of the mussels it offers to the market.

Our labels describe and guarantee all this: learning to read them is therefore very important in order to know the product purchased well.

On the front of the Nieddittas label, the consumer will find:

  • The Nieddittas brand, the first guarantee of quality for our consumers.
  • Under the brand, the words "Mussels harvested in the Gulf of Oristano", which guarantees the origin of the product.
  • The CE mark, the health approval that makes it possible to trace the mussels back to the production plant.
  • Important information regarding the use of the product, including the recommendation for consumption after cooking.

On the back of the label, the consumer will find:

  • The packing date, which guarantees the freshness of the product purchased.
  • The batch number, which allows the company to reconstruct the entire route taken by the product, from the waters of the Gulf of Oristano to the large scale distributors' platforms.
  • The country in which the mussels were initially bred before entering the Nieddittas production chain and being immersed in the waters of the Gulf of Oristano, where they lived and where they were then harvested. The back of the label shows the name of the country where the product was initially bred and the indication of the subsequent immersion in the Sardinian sea, where the mussels were harvested after having acquired their flavour and taste.


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