At the Brussels Seafood Expo 2016, Nieddittas have been appreciated by many visitors, who have known the quality of our products and of the sea of ​​Sardinia.
Special thanks to Eurospin, Gs Carrefour, Conad, Supermercati Il Gigante, Foodfarm and Bergel friends, who visited our stand. Thanks also to the president of Car Mercato Ittico Rome, the wholesalers of the Mercato Ittico Milan and to the president of Ital Mercati Nazionale, which were also our guests.
Our presence at the Brussels Seafood Expo 2016 was indeed successful and Nieddittas have aroused the interest of many operators from Majorca, Malta, Spain, even in Japan. Everyone enjoyed especially our new Nieddittas in the box, mussels in the new more practical and safe packaging that many consumers are already finding and appreciating in Sardinia. Many buyers from other regions of Italy – Tuscany, Veneto, Lazio and many others – who have visited our stand, interested in our products, who we will contact for new sales and distribution opportunities for our products.
We have offered all our gadgets, as well as many brochures and our cookbooks. In short, we came back from Brussels Seafood Expo 2016 with suitcases lighter but happy for the success of Nieddittas in the world’s most important expo for the seafood sector. Thank you all for your support and encouragement, and hope we can soon bring the products of our beloved island also in new markets.
In the photo gallery you will see some beautiful pictures of our stand at the Seafood Expo and our staff in Brussels, to which we give our thanks for their commitment and dedication.


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