After our corporate videos on the 6 stages of Nieddittas’ processing, our tutorial videos on how to use our products are coming up. Made in collaboration with with in Cagliari, a new restaurant but already among the best in Italy, which is characterized by a warm and friendly kitchen where periodically organize tastings and meetings with great chefs and prestigious wineries, to share everything which revolves around the culture of gastronomy.

In the tutorial videos you will discover the technique to clean and preserve our Nieddittas mussels, both raw and cooked, and many easy and tasty tips to offer them to your friends; and again you will find some filmed recipes, perhaps with other Nieddittas products, such as clams and tips on how to clean, open and use oysters, razor clams, scallops and more.

We made these videos with the desire to offer some useful tips to all our fans of Nieddittas, choosing to use common tools and techniques. A series of video tutorials you shouldn’t miss: for this reason we aren’t publishing them only on our Facebook page, but we’re also picking them up in our You Tube channel, where you can see them all and revise as you please.

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